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Is the accuracy of your weighbridge
affecting your company’s bottom line?

We can help you:

Meet legislation
Improve efficiencies
Increase productivity
Identify overloaded vehicles instantly
Save money by reducing product giveaway

Ferrotech Scales provides a full weighbridge calibration and verification service. We are a SANAS and NRCS accredited organisation for both verification and calibration of scales and weighbridges. This enables us to issue SANAS and NRCS recognised calibration and verification certificates.

With our own test unit, our accredited verification officers guarantee accuracy and reliability of all weighbridges, dramatically reducing the possibility of inaccurate measurements and weighbridge downtime. We will advise clients on possible problems before verification is done.

Verification is a statutory requirement in the event of calibration, repairs, or on failing inspection. More specifically your weighbridge must be verified if:

The seals on the weight indicator or the junction box have been broken due to repairs or calibration
Load cells or weight indicator has been replaced
The weighbridge fails an inspection and must be re-verified

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Key Performance Areas

Ferrotech Scales specialise in verification and calibration of weighbridges, conveyor belt scales, silo weighing, platform scales and other services.

Static Weighing

We cover all aspects of static weighing from 5 kg assized counter scales to 400 tonne industrial platforms for hot metal weighing in the steel making environment. Our services includes verification and calibration on roads and rail weighbridges, platform scales, hopper and silo weighing and batch weighing systems.


Dynamic Weighing

Ferrotech Scales has been verifying and calibrating conveyor belt scales in all industries for more than fifteen years. The capacities of these scales vary from 1 tonne per hour up to 7 000 tonnes per hour for large iron ore export belts. We offer verification and calibration on single, three, four and six Idler weigh frames for standard applications as well as other full automatic calibration systems.


Delivery On time

We take pride in delivering only the best service that exceeds our customers' expectations.


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