What does the law state?

Verified Trade Approved scales, weighbridges and other variety of weighing equipment are compulsory by law if goods are sold by weight or measure. However, not all scales and weighbridges can be given a certificate of accuracy.
Scale types must first be approved by the NRCS in accordance with their regulations. Once a scale/weighbridge or weighing equipment has been allowed it is then issued with an NRCS Approval number. Scale/weighbridge or weighing equipment with NRCS approval numbers are consequently able to be tested and certified by SANAS and NRCS Accredited verification officers, allowing the equipment to be used for legal trade use. Trade Approved scale/weighbridge are tested and verified in accordance with the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).

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How regularly must I verify?

It is very important to have your weighbridge regularly calibrated to ensure ongoing accuracy and performance.

Ideally checks should be made every 12 months
Verification is required every 2 years by law
Owners of type approved weighbridges and scales have a legal responsibility to ensure their weighbridges are maintained within legal tolerances
If they fail to do this they can lay themselves open to prosecution and fines
NRCS have the power to close down weighbridges that do not comply

It is also important to remember that you must have your weighbridge re-tested (re-verified) if you replace critical components such as load cells. Any replacement load cells must also be ones approved by the relevant authorities for a particular weighbridge design/make.

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Vehicle overloading

Remember that inaccurate weighing can lead to inadvertent overloading of your vehicles leaving you open to prosecution. A brief overview of the consequences of Vehicle overloading can be downloaded here.

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